Lykeia's sketchbook


Large statue of Apollon

This is a large statue of Apollon made for his primary shrine in my oikos. He is sculpted from sculpy, painted with acrylics, and has stones inset for his eyes. He was made so that he could be adorned as shown in the photo. He is also wearing two handmade necklaces. One of amber chips and amethyst with a solar pendant, the other with amber, garnets and howlite skull beads.



Indra Commission

A statue that I made on commission of Indra. Made from sculpy and painted with acrylics. Has various stones decorating him, among which are amethyst, pearls, amber and quartz.


Apollon Lykeios statue

Statue of Apollon Lykeios done in sculpy. Carnelian and sunstone are set into his collar and a gold-colored chain is used as a decorative accent. Gold leaf was applied to his bow, the sun disc, the flame of the torch, and the solar disc behind his head. The serpent represents the delphic dragon Delphinia. His eyes are set with turquois stones.

The Dance of Apollon (statue)

Apollon Karneios (pencil)

Pencil drawing, as part of an idea for a future painting. Apollon Karneios with basket of harvested grapes, goat, and snake. Holds a pinecone in one hand and a shepherd’s staff in the other.

Heart of Flame-Hestia (pencil)

The following is a pencil sketch of Hestia inspired by a reference about a heart of flame from a fellow worshiper.

Hekate ink drawing

This was actually the first of my recent inked work, but I had forgotten to post it until I was reminded. Hekate at the portal with her dog (possibly Hecuba).